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History & Background

Fonex is a telecommunications company located in Garden City, New York. Founded in 2010.  Fonex was established with the goal of providing individuals and businesses with cloud-based communication solutions.

Thanks to the rapid change in technology, many users are beginning to transition from traditional telecommunication platforms to more digital and cloud-based outlets. Our founder recognized this change in the industry, and thus Fonex was born.

Providing a plethora of services through our cloud-based platform, Fonex aims to assist users in streamlining their communication network at an affordable rate. Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly phone bill or manage your network in a more efficient manner, Fonex is here to help.

Our Mission

Our job as a telecommunications company is to provide you with a platform that makes managing your network a breeze. With little to no installation required, our list of services – as well as their features – make maintaining a communications network simple. At Fonex, we place an emphasis on support. In the event that you do run into a snag, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer services to simplify your daily operations, not complicate them.

Our Services Include:

  • Hosted PBX & VoIP – A telephone network accessible over the internet. Learn more.
  • SIP Trunking – Combine your current equipment to your VoIP network. Learn more.
  • Shared SIP Trunking – A phone network using an internet connection that is being shared between multiple offices. Learn more.
  • Mobile Applications – An app that will allow you to connect your mobile device with your Fonex account in order to join your network. Learn more.
  • Unified Communications – Integrating all of your communication services in order to streamline your network and manage it more efficiently. Learn more.
  • API Integration – Allows you to organize and manage your workflow more effectively by integrating all of your current applications and solutions. Learn more.

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