API Intergration

Managing Your Workflow

Do you use various applications to help manage your workflow? If so, check out our API integration. This services takes your workflow applications like Microsoft Outlook and SalesForce and integrates them into a platform that will make them easier to manage. If you’re looking into a cloud-based communication network then you’re going to want integrate it with your current plugins as well. These workflow applications are vital to your business’ productivity and possessing network that is not compatible with them is sure to slow you down. API integration solves this issue by seamlessly combining your workflow applications with your communication network.

What API Integration Can Do For You

As a business owner, managing your workflow is an essential aspect of maintaining or increasing your productivity. However, doing so can become difficult from transitioning from communication network to another.

In order to remain consistency and ensure that nothing gets lost in translation, API integration allows for you combine your new communication network with your current workflow solutions.

Applications and plugins like Microsoft Outlook and SalesForce.com are now compatible with your communication network, streamlining your workflow in the process.

What about End Users?

Fonex provides plugins that support end user functionality like dial, screen pops, and call logging. In addition to this, API also provides PBX, call control, call parking, as well as visual voicemails. If you’re interested in learning more about API Integration, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What is Applications are Compatible?

The whole point of API integration is to ensure that your workflow applications are compatible with your communication network. Check just a few applications that are compatible with our system, with more coming in the near future.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • SalesForce.com
  • URL Agents
  • Operator Console

Integrating these applications into Fonex’s cloud-based communication network will allow for a more streamlined experience, increasing productivity in the process.

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