Business Phone Line: How Many Phone Lines Do We Need?

Different businesses have different needs. Depending on the size, type of business, and other factors, each businesses’ needs are as individual as the businesses themselves.

But one thing is for certain: you need a phone system. But how many phone lines does your business need?

Businesses may have hundreds of physical lines in their building, or much fewer than that.

VoIP phones, on the other hand, don’t require physical lines at all.


How many phone lines do I need?

If you need physical phones, figuring out how many phones you need can help you decide how many lines are needed as well. A phone for 3 different rooms would be three lines, for example.

Figuring out what your business model might have to say about how many phone lines you need is a great place to start. For example, does your business have a call center? If so, you will likely need many more phone lines than a business with more modest needs.

Are you a small business? You might need one phone line, in that case. It’s important to look at your budget, since each business has a different amount that is wise for them to spend – or how much they even want to spend.

Is customer service really important for your business? That’s important to take into account as well. Or, perhaps a certain number of your employees need access to a phone. That may be grounds for getting a phone line for each employee that needs to have constant phone access.

For bigger businesses, businesses with several locations, or businesses that must focus on the customer experience, certain tools may be needed. These tools might be customer surveys, analytic tools, and more. 

“For businesses with multiple offices, you might consider each office – each with their own phone number – as a business line. Alternatively, if your business has one office but can be reached by dialing various phone numbers, each of these numbers may be considered a line,” writes Nextiva about the business phone line.


VoIP services and the business phone line

To find out what is a VoIP caller, feel free to read our previous blog about VoIP services.  

“VoIP services come with dozens of advanced cloud calling features such as call flip, which lets you move calls from one device to another at the press of a button, while you won’t find nearly as many capabilities on non-fixed lines, and certainly not as many business-oriented capabilities,” according to GetVoIp.

“Because these services offer great flexibility for global communication, such as in the case of facilitating collaboration between remote teams, the non-fixed VoIP numbers issued by these types of Web services certainly have their place in business. For example, if your company has employees in different countries, they could be contacted without incurring charges for long-distance or international calling.”

Your VoIP provider can give you the guidance that you need to make the best decision for your company. 


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