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With Fonex, you control where to send your calls. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. We offer features to assist you including:

Menus: Direct callers to where they need to go with our menu application as well as an automated receptionist. Add a whole new level of professionalism to your phone system with the addition of a menu and attendant.

Directory: Help callers find who they are looking for more easily with the help of a dial-by-name directory. All they have to do is enter the first or last name of the person they are looking for and they will be instantly connected.

Forwarding: Are you on the move? Forward calls to your mobile or house phone. Thanks to our cloud-based system, your network is with you at all times.

Call Transferring: Transfer callers between extensions on the same Fonex network or to another number entirely with our call transferring option.

Call Blocking: Don’t ever worry about the same phone number bothering you again. Call blocking prevents unwanted callers from even contacting you. You won’t even hear the phone ring.

Extension Dialing: Callers operating on the same network don’t have to waste time inputting the entire phone number. Simply dial your party’s extension and be connected.

Scheduling: Route callers to different phone numbers, extensions, and menus based on the time and day. For example, calls on Tuesday will forward to your home while calls on Friday will go straight to your mobile device.

Other Great Features

Check out some of Fonex’s other wonderful features in regards to call handling:

  • Queues – Route callers to specific groups of employees. Great for establishing a call center or customer service.
  • Hold Message – Craft a custom hold message while callers wait to be connected with you.
  • Call Tagging – Create audio tags to help identify callers and their reason for contacting you.

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