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Communication is the foundation of every collection agency. Your agents typically spend a majority of their day on the phone speaking to customers. In order to accomplish this in a time-efficient manner, you’re going to need a communications network that fast and effective. That’s what Fonex is for. We can provide you with a phone system tailored to servicing collection agencies. That means setting up and managing automated debt collection solutions and more. Fonex understands how valuable your time is when dealing with customers. Allow us to simplify the debt collection process by offering a cost-effective solution that is sure to meet your every need.

Benefiting Your Collection Agency

Automated Debt Collection: Fonex will install an automated debt collection application into your phone system. This will allow your agents to save time contacting customers with past due balancing, giving them more time to support those with questions and concerns.

Save Money: Collection Agencies tend to spend large sums of money on their monthly phone expenses. Fonex’s phone system allows them to cut these cost by utilizing a cloud-based platform – commonly more cost-effective than a traditional phone line.

Easily Manageable: In addition to saving money, our phone system is user-friendly and easily manageable. Set up automated alerts, change messages, and limit the workload of your agents all with the press of a button. Your agency thrives off the efficiency of your communications network. Trust in Fonex.

A More Productive Agency

Time is money, especially in relation to a collection agency. At Fonex, we make it our goal to reduce the amount of time you’re on the phone with a customer so that you may immediately support another.

That’s why we will establish an automated system to assist with payments and reminders, as well as set up your messaging system.

The best part is that our phone system requires little to no installation. Everything is cloud-based, meaning there’s no reason spend money on hardware. All in all, Fonex is here to help you create a more productive agency.

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