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A construction company can be difficult to manage, simply due to the sheer amount of jobsites you can have at a given time. With hundreds of employees under your wing, multiple jobs, and potentially thousands of calls coming in, you’re going to need a communications network that can keep up with it all. Your network slowing down or malfunctioning for even a second can spell out long-term consequences for your company. Fortunately, Fonex is here to lend a hand. Fonex will provide your construction company with a network that capable of balancing your massive workload across multiple jobsites and hundreds of employee. No phone call will be lost or go unmonitored as we establish one comprehensive network that is consistent throughout your locations. Don’t allow the size of your business to slow you down. Fonex is here to improve your construction company.

What Fonex Can Do For Your Construction Company

Access from Anywhere: Most construction companies have a variety of jobs occurring simultaneously. That typically means that you’re constantly on the move. Thank to our cloud-based platform, all of your data is made available from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to this, you can monitor the progress of your employee no matter where they are located. This streamlines your experience and enhances your ability to multitask.

One Complete Network: With your worksites spread across multiple locations, it’s important that there is some sense of consistency throughout your company. With Fonex, we will provide you with one complete communications network. That means all voicemail messages are consistent with your overall brand. In the cost-end, one network is cheaper than establishing a phone line for every location. With one comprehensive solution, you will able to simplify your communications network while reducing costs in the process.

Security: Your data is safe Fonex. Our security system is constantly updating in order to limit the risk of intrusion without reducing accessibility. In order words, it’s easy for you to get in and difficult for everyone else. For additional information on our security services, be sure to check here.

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