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When it comes to business communications, faxing is one of the most effective tactics. It allows you to send over files and documents almost instantaneously. However, fax machine have typically been linked to hardwired phone line, making them expense to manage. One thing that many users worry about when transition over to cloud-based network like Fonex is what happens to their faxing. Fortunately, not a thing, thanks to our eFax service. Similar to your phone system, eFax allows you send faxes over an internet connection. Not only will eFax help you save money but also keep your communication network consistent across all platforms. That’s phone, printer, and now fax. Discover the benefits of eFax with the help of Fonex!

What Does eFax Do?

EFax retains the basic concept as sending traditional faxes. However, instead of utilizing a fax machine, you can documents from any device with email access.

EFax also uses an internet connection to send faxes rather than a traditional phone line. In addition to helping you save money, eFax also prevents many of the issues you encounter dealing with a traditional fax machine.

That includes paper jams, malfunctions, or simply having to wait in line. If you’re thinking about or already have transitioned to 100% cloud-based network then looking into eFax is your next step.

What Does eFax Include?

Mobile App: Our eFax mobile application allows you to receive and send faxes from your smartphone or tablet. This is great if you’re on the go and need to transport or receive time-sensitive documentation. As you long you have an internet connection, you’re good to good.

Electronic Signature: Sign documents before you send them over via with our electronic signature. Simply use your touch screen to sign your name and send by email. Faxing documents have never any simpler.

Cloud Storage: The best thing about eFax is that your documents are stored in the cloud. In other words, you can retrieve them as long as you have access to an internet connection. This makes eFax the perfect choice for sending documents while on the go.

File Sharing: Are your documents too big to send them by email? With our file sharing functionality, you can easily send over entire folders containing the necessary documents.

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