What to Expect From VoIP in the Near Future

VoIP is taking over the telecoms industry in terms of providing innovative phone systems. The concept of utilizing a phone line over an internet connection is one that has offered leeway to many businesses seeking to simplify their communications network. As VoIP only increases in popularity, companies are beginning to adapt to some its latest trends. The goal is to establish a communications network that is suited to all businesses, whether they be large or small. We’re going to explore some of the trends that are sure to change the way we view VoIP phone systems moving forward.


Business owners are on the move more than they’ve ever been in recent years. One of the biggest issues that they’ve faced, however, is integrating their mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) with their company’s communications network. Fortunately, VoIP phone systems have discovered a solution in mobile applications. These “applications” enable users to integrate mobile devices with their VoIP interface, granting them with specialized features while on the go. That includes rerouting calls, conference calling, and the ability to send and receive faxes from your mobile device. As VoIP phone systems continue to progress, be prepared for more integration of your mobile devices.

Increased Speed

Increased speed and efficiency is supposed to escalate over time. With most VoIP phone systems operating on 4G connection speed, there is certainly room for improvement. The good news is that 5G is quickly being applied to many systems. This increase will mean that data is processed at a faster rate, which will allow your communications network to become more productive in the process. In other words, less dropped calls and better reception. An increase in speed will also make data transfers more efficient, which can assist with instances of disaster recovery. 5G connection possesses its own set of benefits, which provides you with something to look forward to in the coming months.

Integration with CRM Platforms

Many businesses utilize CRM (Client Relationship Management) platforms to manage and organize leads, clients, and conversions. However, because CRMs operate on a separate platform from VoIP systems, it can make the entire process rather redundant. In turn, VoIP systems are beginning to make their interfaces compatible with CRM platforms. This tactic will hopefully streamline your workflow, opening the door for improved time-management and more effective practices. As we venture further into 2017 and eventually 2018, be on the lookout for VoIP systems that are compatible with CRM platforms.


No matter what industry you operate within, success is determined by your ability to keep up with the latest trends. With the previously-stated trends entering the fold in 2017 and only continuing to develop in subsequent years, it’s important that users are aware of their benefits. If you’re currently using a VoIP system, these trends are sure to improve your daily workflow.

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