VoIP phone systems come with a multitude of features that are sure to make your life simpler. If you manage an office, especially a busy one, then some of those features can drastically affect your productivity and output. Now, it’s understandable if you’re a simple man or woman; not impressed by all the bells and whistles. However, it is important that you’re aware of the features your office phone system can’t go without. Check out some of the more useful features that come with your VoIP system.

Call Blocking

Offices can receive hundreds of phone calls a day; a majority of them being calls from other businesses. Constant calls from telemarketers can become annoying after some time, which is why you’re going to want call blocking. This feature enables you to block incoming calls from numbers that you deem unnecessary or inappropriate. Tired of the same number contacting you day after day? Block them; it’s that simple.


It’s unrealistic to expect that you’re going to be able to answer every phone call that comes into your office. Whether you’re in the middle of an important call or out to lunch, there’s a chance, not every caller is going to be able to get through. Fortunately, with voicemail, they won’t be completely left out to dry. Voicemail will allow them to leave a message, which you can then listen to and decide whether or not it’s worth responding to. If you truly value your incoming callers then voicemail is a feature that you cannot overlook.

Automated Receptionist

One of your goals as a business owner should be to be taken seriously. If your office network is made up of multiple phones, departments, and extensions, incoming callers might need some help with navigating your business. Not only does an automated receptionist help you look more legit in the eyes of callers but it will also help them find their destination by providing them with a directory, route calls, and leave voicemails. An automated receptionist takes the place of a physical one and assists with streamlining your phone system.

Conference Calling

When working in business, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself in the middle of a conference call. When the time comes, it’s important that you’re ready. Conference calling allows you to conduct a call with multiple people. That could mean anywhere from two to 20 callers at the same time. Recent VoIP systems integrate your mobile device with conference calling, meaning that you can conduct meetings from on the go. If conference calls is a common occurrence when managing your business then this one feature that you can’t be without.

Custom Local & Toll-Free Numbers

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could choose your phone numbers? Luck for you, it’s possible. As a premium feature, many VoIP phone systems will allow you to customize your local and toll-free numbers. As long as it is not currently in use, your desired phone number is yours. This opens up the door for creativity and adds an additional level of marketing to something as simple as your office’s phone number. What if you receive a pre-assigned number that is difficult to remember or very similar to your competition? That’s not an issue when you hold the control. Some may view custom phone numbers as a luxury but I believe it’s a feature that every office should have.

Hold Music

No one enjoys being placed on hold. That’s why it’s your responsibility to make the experience as painless as possible. On hold music provides callers with something to listen and reassures them that they haven’t been forgotten about until they are connected. Without on hold music, callers might think they’ve been disconnected and hang up. This feature does a great job at maintaining communication even when there isn’t someone on the other line. Like I said, no one likes being placed on hold. Do them a favor; make their wait less harsh with on hold music.

Fax from Phone

Your phone system isn’t just for making calls. It also includes sending and receiving faxes. In the event that you need to send or receive an important document while you’re out of the office, you can do so from your mobile device. If you’re constantly on the run, this feature can help save you time by not having to stop by the office. As long as you have cell service or Wi-Fi, you’re good to go. You can’t go wrong with a fax from phone functionality.

Learn more about the various features a VoIP phone system can provide!

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