How it works

Describe Fonex in Two Sentences

Fonex is cloud-based phone and communication system. Contrary to a traditional phone system, Fonex does not require hardwired installation nor maintenance and can be purchased without up-front payments or contracts.

A Quick Walkthrough

  • Step 1

    Receive Your Toll-Free Number

    During this stage, you can choose between a toll-free number and a local number from whichever city/cities you are located in.

  • Step 2

    Your Welcome Message

    Now that you have your phone number, it’s time to create a welcome message. This automated message will pick up whenever someone calls.

  • Step 3


    Does your business contain numerous departments? Step three enables you to set up various extensions in order to route callers to the appropriate department.

  • Step 4

    On-the-Go Network

    Stay connected to your network, no matter where you are in the world. In layman’s terms answer business, check your voicemail, and fax documents while you’re on the go.

Purchasing a Phone from Fonex

Purchasing a phone from Fonex means that your system will be set up and ready to go after 5 minutes. Once installed, you can immediately begin making and receiving phone calls.

Unlimited Means Unlimited

Fonex enables you to make an unlimited number of domestic calls at no additional charge. Personalize your phone system with a unique automated message, on-hold music, and a list of extensions to your departments. In addition to this, our system is sound and efficient. In other words, calls will never be dropped while someone is on the line.

In the event that someone calls your number, they will be directed to your directory by your automated messenger. From there, you can either choose to accept the call or allow it to go to voicemail. The best part is that your phone system can integrated into smartphone, which means you can answer calls and check voicemails while on the go.

All You Have to Do Is…

Fonex’s phone system is entirely user-friendly. The only thing that is required of you is that you direct where to forward every call and that’s it. Sit back and let the calls come in or make a few yourself. It’s all up to you.

Once Your Phone System Is Ready…

Check out a few things to keep in mind once your phone system is ready:

  • Your phone system must connected to the internet
  • Choose how many extensions you would like
  • Create a personalized voicemail (optional)
  • Create a personalized greeting (optional)

And You’re All Set!

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