Building a Stronger Network, One Client at a Time

Law firms are some of the busiest workplaces with calls coming in and out all day. In addition to this, documents are constantly being sent and received via email and fax machines. In other words, you’re going to need a fast network to keep with calls, scheduling, and correspondence. Allow Fonex to step in and lend a hand. We will provide you with a cloud-based phone system that connects to both your internet connection as well as your email. The personal information of your clients is highly sensitive and needs to be protected at all costs. Fonex takes this into consideration by offering security services that safeguard your client’s personal info in accordance with the American Bar Association. Take your law firm to the next level with Fonex!

Affordable Solutions

Are you looking to cut your budget? Fonex provides cost-effective solutions to help increase your bottom line and eliminate overhead costs. With the help of our unified communications, you can establish one network throughout multiple locations for one fixed rates.

Also separating Fonex from traditional phone systems are its plethora of rates and packages. All of our packages are contract-free and pay-as-you-go.

This enables you to allocate your resources more efficiently. Don’t spend any more than you need to on your communications network. Trust in Fonex and our cloud-based solutions.

Anything Else About Fonex and the Legal Industry?

Access: Our cloud-based solutions allow users to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection.

High-speed Connection: Stay connected with our high-speed network, limiting the risk of dropped phone calls and increasing productivity in the process.

Compliance: Our network will ensure that you remain compliant with the American Bar Association in order to prevent fines and penalties.

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