Medium-Size Business Operations

For 31 – 100 Employees

Medium-sized businesses typically have more complex structures. Managing anywhere from 31 to 100 employees, medium-sized businesses need a network that can handle a large of input and output as well as possibility of multiple locations. Without the proper network backing it, your communication system may collapse under the weight of its data. Luckily, that’s no problem with the help of Fonex. We provide phone systems designed to handle large amounts of data as well features that enable multi-location communication. If you’re managing the intricate structure of a medium-sized business, turn to Fonex for cost-efficient cloud-based services. The network you need for success is right in front of you.

The Needs of a Medium-Sized Business

With a modest amount of employees under your employment and multi-layered structure, it’s important that your communication network can keep up with your goals and objectives. Check out some of the features your medium-sized business is most going to require in order to function effectively. Fonex is here to assist you with the following:

Multi-Location Functionality: Medium-sized business typically means multiple locations. In order to add a sense of consistency throughout your branch location, Fonex will provide you with a one unified communications network. A unified network will help streamline your communication while also saving you money in the process. Learn more about our Unified Communications.

Automated Management: Running a medium-sized business with all of its employees is enough work already. You shouldn’t have to check into manually manage your communications network. Fonex’s system is automated and will regularly update itself in order to keep up with your fast-moving business operations.

Integration: Does your business use a number of workforce applications? Fonex is proud to announce that our phone systems are compatible with a multitude of applications including Microsoft Outlook and in order to streamline the flow of data entering your business.

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