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Bring Your Network On-The-Go

More and more users are beginning to use their mobile devices to conduct business, adding them to their communications network. In order to include your smartphone to your cloud-based network, turn to Fonex’s mobile application. This will allow you to manage your network on the go while also adding your mobile device to your communications network. Maintain your connection, even on the go, with Fonex’s mobile application. Discover why our mobile application is a necessity. If you’re going to be taking your business on the road, then it’s important that you’re made available. With the help of Fonex’s mobile application, that will now be a reality.

Benefits of the Mobile Application

What is a mobile application without its benefits? Fortunately, Fonex’s mobile app provides its fair share to ensure that you’re receiving the best results possible. Check out just a few benefits that our mobile app provides every user.

Business Calls No Matter Where You Are

Are you always on the move? If so, then that means that your business calls should be routed to your mobile device. Many individuals have missed important calls simply because they were not around to answer them. Solve this issue with the help of our mobile app. Fonex’s mobile app simplifies the communication process by sending all your business calls straight to your smartphone. This ensures that you can be contacted no matter where you may be in the world.

All the Features of Our Cloud-Based System

Our mobile application allows you to retain all of the features of our VoIP system. That includes extension dialing, conference calls, company directories, voicemail management, recent calls, and virtual attendant settings, all from your mobile device. Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean that you have to the sacrifice the wonderful features our system provides.

More Freedom & Increased Flexibility

The ability to add your mobile device to your communications network adds an entirely new level of freedom and flexibility to your business model. Not only will this decrease the likelihood of missing important calls but also it also creates a sense of consistency throughout your business, despite your location.

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