Mobile Workforce

Mobilizing Management

Thanks to mobile application, managing a business while on the go is a much more common occurrence. However, how do you keep your workforce in line and preforming efficiently if you’re constantly traveling? The answer comes in the form of a mobile workforce application. This app allows you to keep up with day-to-day operations of your business even if you’re on the move. With the help of mobile workforce, you will be to remain organized and manage your business location(s) no matter where you are while increasing productivity and cutting costs in the process. If you’re always on the move, look into the Mobile Workforce.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Workforce?

Reduce Cost: Resources like paper, ink, and printing are expenses that can increase costs for your business. In order to combat this, Mobile Workforce utilizes a paperless system. That allows you reduce costs while maintaining and increase productivity throughout your business.

Timecard Management: Mobile Workforce works ADP, enabling you to collect and manage employee timecards from on-the-go. This allows you to save time and accomplish your goals in a timely manner regardless of your current location.

Track & Manage Employees: Having a difficult time keeping track of your employees? In the event that your employees are on-the-go, Mobile Workforce will allow you to track their location via GPS. That way, you’re aware of their location at all times, making it easier to assign tasks based on where they are.

Keeping You Connected

With you and your employees on the move, it’s important that you stay connected. Reduce the consumption of fuel and time by assigning task to the closest employee based on location.

Provide employees with status updates involving traffic, construction, and even violations by knowing their locations at all times.

Reply to emergencies in a timely manner with the help alerts sent directly to you. With Fonex and Mobile Workforce, the control is in your hands.

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