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In regards to real estate, a phone call can make the difference between selling a home and missing out on a profitable opportunity. Also, there’s a chance that your real estate agents are going to be out all day attempting to close. You’re going to need a phone system to that keep up with everyone’s location no matter where they are located. That’s where cloud-based communications system comes in handy – similar to the one Fonex offers. We will provide you with a sound communication network that will allow you to remain in contact with your real estate agents, connect with potential clients, manage your firm on the go with our mobile workforce. Don’t allow distance and location to slow down productivity. Traditional phone systems are becoming expensive. Cut cost and ramp up with the help of Fonex.

Why Mobile Workforce?

Most real estate operations take place outside of the office. In order to keep with your workflow while on the move, Fonex is proud to offer the mobile workforce.

This platform enables you to connect calls and check up on employees from your smartphone. Never miss a thing while you’re out by checking in via the Mobile Workforce app.

Afraid you’ll need access to important data while out of the office? Don’t be as our cloud-based solutions ensure that you have access to pertinent information from anywhere with an internet connection.

How Does Fonex Improve My Real Estate Agency?

Access: Our cloud-based solutions allow users to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection.

High-speed Connection: Stay connected with our high-speed network, limiting the risk of dropped phone calls and increasing productivity in the process.

Communication: Our network will ensure that you remain connected to your agents, clients, and anyone else related to the success of your firm.

Security: All of your most sensitive information will be stored away on our cloud-based data centers, guarded by constantly-updated security services.

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