How Fonex Helps the Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry moves a breakneck pace and your communication network needs to move just as quickly. Incoming calls for orders and reservations, outgoing calls to vendors – things can tend to get hectic from time to time. Add in traveling for deliveries and managing employee and it all can seem like work overload. The only way to make your workload manageable while maintaining or even increasing productivity is to invest in an effective communication network. Lucky for you, Fonex provides just that in the form of our cloud-based phone system and unified communications. Streamline your restaurant’s communication network with a phone system that allows you to make calls while on the go and is tailored to your one or more locations. Service your customers at the highest rate of efficiency with the help of Fonex.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

At Fonex, we guarantee that our phone system never stops. Operating 24/7, our communication system is designed to keep up with your business at all times.

Your Fonex phone system also comes coupled with a support staff that ensures that if there is ever a problem, they will be there to assist you.

In the event that you manage more than location, we provide unified communications that will help save money on installing and maintaining multiple phone lines.

If your restaurant runs 24 hours a day, so will your Fonex phone system.

What Benefits Does Fonex Provide?

Access: Our cloud-based solutions allow users to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection. Great for employees out making deliveries.

High-speed Connection: Stay connected with our high-speed network, limiting the risk of dropped phone calls and increasing productivity in the process.

Communication: Our network will ensure that you remain connected to your customers, vendors, employees and anyone else related to the success of your restaurant.

Security: All of your most sensitive financial information like credit cards numbers will be stored away on our cloud-based data centers, guarded by constantly-updated security services.

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