Protecting Your Network

One of the biggest concerns regarding a cloud-based communication network is security. If you’re network is no longer hardwired, does that make it more susceptible to intrusion? Yes but only without the proper security. Similar to other aspects in your business, ensuring the security of your network is all about taking the necessary precautions. Fortunately, Fonex accomplishes this for you with the help of our security services. In addition to providing you with a cloud-based network that is cut costs and increase productivity, Fonex also implements a security system that is sure to protect your system from intrusion. With our security system backing your network, you rest easy knowing that your data is safe from harm.

Cloud-Based vs Traditional

A lingering question many users find themselves asking is why cloud-based? In the past, when something went wrong with traditional system, you ran the risk of losing all of your data. Another common scenario was losing your ability to communicate whenever there was a power outage. In other words, your communication network would become inoperable in an emergency.

A cloud-based communication system does not share these issues. As long as you have an internet connection, your phone line will continue to function. Also, you eliminate the possibility of losing your data as it accessible from anywhere in the world. This also makes matters more efficient for businesses with multiple locations.

If your phone line does down in one location, calls can be instantly routed to another with a cloud-based network. The ability to recover is also heighten when utilizing a cloud-based network. All of your data can be backed up and stored in case of an emergency.

Around the Clock Monitoring

Fonex’s security system operates around the clock to ensure that your information is protection. That includes constantly updating security measures to protect your network malware and other harmful viruses.

In addition to this, our failover system ensures that your data instantly routed to another source in the event of malfunction or intrusion.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our security services or the safety of your cloud-based communication network, feel free to contact us.

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