Shared SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking for Multiple Locations

Are you currently managing more than one location? Instead of establishing multiple networks, which is going to cost you additional time and money, you can simply look into Shared SIP Trunking. This service allows you to establish your communications network throughout numerous locations. If you manage multiple offices and you’re looking to add consistency in terms of your network, Shared SIP Trunking might be the option for you. Shared SIP Trunking is for those that are always on the move. Save both time and money on establishing multiple communication networks. Check out our Shared SIP Trunking services.

Why Choose Shared SIP Trunking?

The main question many users ask is why choose Shared SIP Trunking? For those that manage multiple locations, you can have more than one phone line per location.

Depending on how many locations you’re currently managing, when it’s all said and done, you can have anywhere from 20 to 50 phone lines.

Not only will this be expensive to install but to maintain as well. On the other hand, Shared SIP Trunking allows you to consolidate all of these phone lines into one, cutting costs in the process.

In addition to cutting costs, this will also help simplify your communications network. SIP Trunking adds a sense of consistency throughout your network, making troubleshooting and maintenance more efficient.

What Does Shared SIP Trunking Allow?

Business Continuity: Even your network does down in one location, business continuity will allow you to pick up and transfer data to another where your network is established. This ensures that your chain of communication is not broken and that users will still be able to contact you.

Adjustments: No longer wait days and weeks for changes in your network to go into effect. With Shared SIP Trunking, changes made to your network are made immediately, allowing you to adapt to adjustments and customer demand.

Call Routing: Call routing provides your customers with routing abilities that simplify your communications network. Ensure that your network is easily navigable with Fonex’s call routing system.

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