SIP Trunking

Integrating The Old With The New

Do you want to make the transition to VoIP without getting rid of your current communication equipment? Fortunately, SIP trunking allows a user to add their current equipment to their new cloud-based network. That includes phones, answering machines, and fax machines. This prevents your expensive communications equipment from becoming obsolete while also integrating it into your new network. Fonex provides this service at a low price ensuring that you integrate the old with the new without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a way to transition to a cloud-based system without losing your current equipment, turn to Fonex’s SIP Trunking.

What Does SIP Mean?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. This system allows users to integrate their currently existing communication equipment with Fonex’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

What Does SIP Trunking Mean?

SIP Trunking refers to a phone line that requires an internet connection for access. This presents you with a variety of benefits not provided by a traditional phone line that include:

Cost: Traditional phone lines can be a costly expense. SIP Trunking is sure to drastically cut your telecommunications budget. No longer worry about the high cost of receiving and making calls. Also, make long distance calls without breaking the bank with SIP Trunking.

Multi-Location Setup: Are you constantly on the move or have more than one location? SIP Trunking allows you to establish a communications network over a variety of locations. Whether you’re stationary or always on the run, turn to SIP Trunking for effective communications.

Scalability: With SIP Trunking there’s no need to make accommodations over the course of days or weeks. SIP Trunking is highly scalable, meaning that you can make adjustments almost as immediately as it is required. This enables you to keep up with demand.

Very Little Changes To Made

One worry from users is that SIP Trunking is going to change the way they approach their phone system. This is entirely false as users will continue to make local and long distance calls as usual but now at a fraction of the price. The process of picking up the phone and making a call is as simple as ever.

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