Small Business Operations

For 5 – 30 Employees

Small businesses make up a substantial portion of US companies. That’s why it’s important that their communication networks function just as efficiently as large enterprises. As a small business owner, clients will be looking to communicate with you directly. Also, handling your day to day operation may require you to spend hours out of the office. Fortunately, there is a phone system with small businesses in mind. Fonex is proud to provide your small business with communication network necessary for sustaining your daily operation. Take your small business to new heights with the help of phone systems.

Supporting Your Small Business 24/7

Meeting with clients, speaking with vendors, scheduling conference calls – all of these actions are impossible without the help of an effective communication network. Fonex will provide with a phone system tailored to your small business’ goals and objective. Whether you have five employees or 30, Fonex will help you stay connection no matter where you’re located.

Multiple Packages: Our communication services come in a variety of packages. This method allows you to choose which features will benefit your small business the most while helping cut costs simultaneously. Voicemail, fax, email, multi-location calling – the decision is yours.

High-Speed Network: You’re going to need a network that is as fast your business’ operations. Our network offers bandwidth speeds that match those an enterprise. This ensures that your business is able to keep up with call, fax, and email you send or receive.

Cloud-based Solutions: Afraid of losing data or your connection during a power outage? Don’t be as our cloud-based solution keep everything backed up and easily accessible from your other locations. Even if one location goes down, your network will continue to operate without a hitch.

Management & Maintenance: Despite our cloud-based phone system being highly user-friendly, Fonex remains on standby to assist you at a moment’s notice. Our support team is happy to address your questions and concerns in to optimize your experience and better facilitate your small business.

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