Small Office Operations

For 1 – 4 Employees

Even the smallest home office needs a phone system that can be trusted. Fonex provides phone systems specifically suited to home offices with anywhere from one to four employees. Just because you’re in a confined space doesn’t mean that your communication network isn’t supposed to function as efficiently as one in a large office. The phone system installed into your home office is scalable to the amount of traffic you receive. In other words, there’s no need to worry about having too much or coming up short. Allow Fonex to provide you with the tools necessary to complete your home office.

Everything Your House Office Needs

The phone system for home office requires the same amount of speed, power, and storage as corporate space. That’s Fonex approaches your home office with the same level of care and preparation as any other workplace. Check out some of our features and benefits below for servicing our home office phone systems.

Speed: Our home office phone system offer high-speed bandwith from T-1 and DSL to Ethernet and fiber. This ensures that network is always up to speed, reducing the risk of dropped calls.

Storage: All of your data is stored in the cloud. This allows you to adjust your storage space based on the current size of your business. The more space, the faster your network will move.

Unlimited Service: Stop counting your calls. With our unlimited service plan, make as many call as you would like without the fear of increasing your monthly bill. Applies to office phone as well as mobile devices.

Cost: Our plans come with packages in order to provide users with multiple features for one low price. This allows you to receive the most optimal user experience while saving money in the process.

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