A Network That Travels With Your Business

When it comes individuals getting from point A to point B, they want to get there as quickly as possible. The same thing applies to your network. It’s important that your network able to keep up with the fast-paced nature of your airline, bus depot, car service, or any other type of transportation business you might manage. There are going to consistent flow calls coming in and out, employees traveling long distances that need tracking, and important documents that are going to need to be send and received. However, without the right network, all of your tasks will coming crashing down. When it comes to improving your communications network, turn to Fonex. Our unified communications and mobile application will allow you to remain connected to your business no matter where you or your employees are traveling to. Trust in Fonex to take your Transportation business’ network to new heights.

What Can Fonex Do For Transportation?

A lot can take place between point A and point B. Communication is key for staying in contact with employees, customers, other figures pivotal to your business operations.

In order to stay connected, Fonex offers unified communications to bring your multiple locations, employees, and customers underneath one communications network.

In addition to this, our mobile application enables to keep track of your employees as well as connect to conference call and check your voicemail all from your smartphone.

Also, thanks to our cloud-based network, your communication system will not be severed due to a loss in power. All of your information will be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

What Else Is Included?

Access: Our cloud-based solutions allow users to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Mobile App: Take your workforce on the go with our mobile application. This enables you to track drivers, as well as connect your mobile device to your communications network.

High-speed Connection: Stay connected with our high-speed network, limiting the risk of dropped phone calls and increasing productivity in the process.

Communication: Our network will ensure that you remain connected to both customers and employees as travel from point A to point B.

Security: All of your most sensitive financial information like credit cards numbers will be stored away on our cloud-based data centers, guarded by consistently-updated security services.

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