Unified communications are one of the most useful services that VoIP phone networks have to offer. If you currently manage an organization that contains multiple locations, departments, and facets to its structure then it can be easy to lose track of your communication network.

By that, I mean incoming calls are not routed to their respective destination simply because there is too much happening. Unified communications remedies this issues by providing you with a simple-to-use platform that consolidates your entire network. No matter how many extensions or locations you manage, unified communications will make it all manageable.

Let’s start with what unified communications offer you. First off, its platform is simple to use. One issue that many users face when diving into a VoIP phone system is user-friendliness. While it may seem intimidating at first, the learning curve associated with the unified communications platform is very brisk.

Don’t expect to be staring into an instruction manual for hours on end. Unified Communications is an easy platform to grasp. Even if you can’t quite figure it out, there is most likely someone around that can. Don’t allow its fancy name to scare you off. Its interface was crafted with everyday users in mind, meaning that it shouldn’t take long before you’re a professional.

With that being said, let us get into the reason one would utilize unified communications. If you’re currently utilizing third-party software like Microsoft Outlook, SalesForce.com, and URL agent, then you’re definitely going to find unified communications helpful.

These applications are compatible with unified communications platforms, enabling you to integrate them into your communications network. That means no more switching back and forth. Everything you need to track and maintain your workflow is right in front of you. Utilizing unified communications is sure to optimize productivity throughout your business as well as streamline your communications network.

When it comes to applications like the ones I previously mentioned, they need to be updated in order to prevent them from slowing down. Fortunately, unified communications consistently update your applications for you. This ensures that they are running at the highest rate of efficiency.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your communications network then unified communications are a viable option. Not only is it easy to use but it also provides you with a set of benefits that cannot be matched by another platform.

It doesn’t matter if you manage two locations or ten. Unified communications will lend a hand in making your workflow more straightforward.

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