Features Extended to Every User

Your Fonex phone system offers every extension under your network with the same features, adding an additional level of consistency. Check out some of the awesome features presented to your extension when partnering with Fonex.

Voicemail: All extensions come with the voicemail messaging. In the event that you’re away from the phone or don’t feel like answering, your voicemail will allow callers to leave a message, which can be listened to at a later time.

Conference Calling: Need to speak with multiple people at once? Conferencing calling allows you to accomplish just that – perfect for over-the-phone meetings with up to 500 members. Mute, start, and end the call at any time.

Address Book: Keep track of your important contacts by storing them on your network’s address book. With Fonex’s system your contacts will be easy to import and manage. See for yourself.

Call Logs: Keep track of the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls coming into your Fonex network. Our call logs are simple to manage and filter.

Greetings: Customize your extension with a personalized greeting which can include a vocal message, music, or menus. The choice is entirely up to you.

Routing: Call routing allows your phone calls to funnel straight to your mobile device. This is perfect for individuals constantly on the move and away from their office.

Three Types of Voicemail

Do you tend to miss a call from time to time? Check out some voicemail options that’ll make your life easier.

Traditional Voicemail: Simply log in to your account to listen to your voicemail messages. This can be done from anywhere with an internet connection

Email-Voicemail: Receive an email or text (SMS) notification every time you receive a voicemail. From there, you listen to your message and choose whether or not you want to respond.

Text-Based Voicemail: Don’t have time to listen to your voicemails? Receive your voicemail messages in text-form via text (SMS) or email for you to read.

Other Great Features

Check out our other wonderful features, which include:

  • Call Blocking – Don’t ever worry about the same phone number bothering you again.
  • Do Not Disturb – Too busy? Immediately send all callers to voicemail with this convenient option.
  • Call Screening – Listen to the audio of incoming calls before deciding to accept it or not.

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