What Is a VoIP Caller (and Fixed Versus Non-fixed VoIP)

What is a VoIP caller? Read on for everything you need to know about VoIP, whether it’s fixed or non-fixed VoIP.


What is a VoIP caller and number (and how does it work?)

VoIP number is a phone number assigned to a customer instead of a specific phone line. A VoIP number can connect to many kinds of devices, including desk phones and cell phones. They can be used internally or publicly.

The call (and connection) is sent through a broadband network instead of a phone line.


What is a VoIP caller on a fixed VoIP number?

Fixed VoIP numbers correspond to a physical address and tend to be paid accounts. These types of numbers are more like traditional phones since they’re linked to the owner’s address and are less likely to be used for spam purposes.

“Fixed numbers are usually connected back to a VoIP service provider telephony station such as through a SIP trunk instead of operating entirely via an internet connection,” according to GetVoIp.


What is a VoIP caller on a non-fixed VoIP number?

Non-fixed VoIP numbers, on the other hand, aren’t “fixed” to a specific address. This type of phone number can be in any geographical location. This type of phone number is perfect for small businesses that want to show a local presence. Known as “virtual phone numbers”, Skype and Google Voice offer non-fixed VoIP numbers. Non-fixed VoIP numbers usually only need email registration and, in some instances, payment information.

A non-fixed VoIP number is often cheap, easy-to-use, and difficult to track down, making it very desirable in certain circumstances. This also makes them more likely to use in criminality.

Non-fixed VoIP lines are more commonly used for personal use over professional use.

“VoIP services come with dozens of advanced cloud calling features such as call flip, which lets you move calls from one device to another at the press of a button, while you won’t find nearly as many capabilities on non-fixed lines, and certainly not as many business-oriented capabilities,” says GetVoIp.

“Because these services offer great flexibility for global communication, such as in the case of facilitating collaboration between remote teams, the non-fixed VoIP numbers issued by these types of Web services certainly have their place in business. For example, if your company has employees in different countries, they could be contacted without incurring charges for long-distance or international calling.”


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