What Is Call Park?

Call park consists of putting callers on hold – so anyone at the organization can take the call.


How does call parking work?

Call park transfers a call to an unused number rather than being directly transferred to anyone’s specific line. That means anyone from your organization can pick up the call – and begin to address the customer’s request.


Call park versus call transfer

A call transfer, on the other hand, transfers the individual to a specific extension. A call transfer works well when the caller knows who specifically they’re trying to reach or just wants the general line.

In the event that a call is parked, the caller doesn’t really need a specific person. Large companies often find the call park feature useful until an agent becomes available.


Why call park?

  • Anyone can pick up a call from any phone within the system
  • Any type of phone connected to VoIP is able to pick up the parked call
  • If no one picks up, it’s returned to the extension which originally parked it
  • Doesn’t tie up the line



“The call parking process is simple and straightforward. An inbound caller will dial your number and an agent – either a traditional operation or an IVR system – will try to direct the call to the most helpful option,” writes GetVoIP of call park.

“A team member can then answer that call on another device. It could be a shared device in a large area, their own desk phone or a mobile phone. This allows the agent to pick up the call wherever is convenient for them. The agent simply dials an extension number to be patched through to the waiting call.”


Who it works best for

The call park feature is perfect for busy organizations with lots of incoming calls. Agents that need to switch devices – or just do some more due diligence – are greatly helped by the call park feature. They can emerge from the call park refreshed and ready to help. Or, someone better equipped to help can simply pick up the call – no sweat.

Agents who aren’t available and want to pass on a call can also benefit from call parking. When an agent’s line is busy and they need more time to finish the call they’re on, the call park feature can also help.


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